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"I cannot recommend Natalie enough! I literally got the wedding dress of my dreams. 
I asked for a design not in her typical style and she pulled it off better than I could have hoped for, although from the way she handled the first consultation I knew deep down it would be something special and she wasn't going to mess it up. It was seriously stunning - the quality and attention to detail was unsurpassed by anything I have ever seen. Value for money too - expensive sure but similar priced dresses in boutiques were waaaay lower quality and nowhere near as exquisite.

Every step of the way she was fantastic to work with, highly professional individual - and good humoured as well which was super helpful during the stressful wedding planning process. 
As I live interstate she was able to limit the amount of fittings I had to travel for and was amazing at e-mail communication, keeping me updated and included throughout the whole process. When I thought I had gone a bit over budget she was extremely kind and considerate and offered different options to keep the price down without compromising on the design of the dress. She also did an amazing job on the flower girl dress without ever seeing the girl (it fitted perfect and looked so adorable). I also had her make a training corset and veil which were awesome - she even lined the inside of the training corset with a beautiful patterned fabric.

She also gave me a fully detailed tips and tricks 'manual' for the dress on the big day and managed to ship it to me without any dramas or damage.

I got so many compliments and felt like a real princess on the day - it would not have been the same in any other dress! Don't go with anyone else - if you are thinking of booking her for a project just do it before she is too busy!!!

I'm sure I will come back for something else in future, just gotta think of an excuse!"  - ★★★★★ Joanna

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"Never have I ever seen such creativity, dedication, talent and passion in one human being. Natalie's designs are not only completely unique but also are perfectly tailored to each client. She knows exactly what will and won't suit you just by looking at your shape and cleverly works your request plus your shape into a gown to die for. She works ridiculously hard to get the job done and exceeds all expectations. Professional and a delight to work with. Don't question it - if you want a custom design Claudia Savage is THE PLACE." -  ★★★★★  Sharni Rae

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"Claudia Savage is unlike any other designer. Custom made, truly unique pieces that are a cut above in terms of quality and design. I had a custom corset made for an international performance. The piece was truly stunning. I had so many compliments. It made me look very sexy and gave me an amazing waistline. Not only that, but the designer was so helpful, sending me updates and information including a video of how to put on the corset both with help or by myself. I would absolutely recommend Claudia Savage as a designer. She's the next big thing. For any other pieces I need for shows or galas, I know who I will be going to!"  ★★★★★ - Jess



Fabulous Natalie…
I’ve known Nat since about 2005ish, and have spent the subsequent 10 years trying to find an excuse to get her to make a dress for me.
About a year and half ago, it occurred to me that such an excuse had arrived at my doorstep when my Beloved proposed to me- in fact the notion came to me with such enthusiasm that I almost squeaked ‘NAT!’ instead of ‘YES!’ to the kneeling figure before me.
So I emailed her and she emailed back, and we hung out and discussed all things silhouette, neckline, fabric and colour (do you have any idea how many shades of white exist???), she let it stew for a couple of weeks and them came to me with 7 designs. And one of them was IT.
She had designed THE DRESS. She designed it so perfectly it was as though she plunged her clever fingers into my ear and yanked the whole dress out of my head.
Then she made it. Observe the image above- HER INITIAL SKETCH AND THE FINISHED DRESS ARE IDENTICAL!
I don’t know how she does it, but I can absolutely confirm that it’s done with patience, good humour, wisdom and, of course, style.
That concludes my gush-fest. I’m now going to YouTube videos of cats being scared of cucumbers…

★★★★★  - Emma



"The very talented Natalie made the wedding dress of my dreams!! Stress free wonderful experience. Would highly recommend her to everyone. Nat definitely knows her stuff!!" ★★★★★ - Su Yee


"Natalie’s attention to detail, coupled with an amazing imagination gives way to the most amazing clothes that are both exquisite and incredibly comfortable to wear." ★★★★★  - Kat